Laboratory of Energy Systems - Profile

 Description :

The topic of the Laboratory of Energy Systems is the state-of-the-art systems for production, conversion, distribution and usage of energy, as well as their effect on the environment. Based on extensive research experience on phenomena such as, fluid flow, thermodynamics, heat transport, mass transport and chemical reactions, it can cover a wide range of engineering applications (pumps, turbines, steam production, internal combustion engines, heating, cooling and refrigeration devices, heat pumps, cogeneration of heat and power, renewable energy equipment and devices for energy savings and thermal processes). The research activity includes experimental investigations using modern measurement equipment, as well as computational studies using mathematical models and software, a part of which has been developed in-house. This activity is combined with specialized services to companies interested in product development and usage of modern technologies, along with organization of training seminaries for several specialized skills, such as building energy audits experts, renewable energy experts, LPG engine installation experts and so on.

Activities :

1. Study of exhaust after-treatment systems of internal combustion engines
2. Study of film flow  phenomena
3. Study of biomass combustion phenomena
4. Study of flow parameters, control and design of field crop sprayers 
5. Study of two-phase flows
6. Analysis of heat transfer, mass transfer and flow phenomena in process devices.


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