The laboboratory of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is fully equipped to support the studies in one of the most important fields of  engineering.

   There are many central heating systems and each of them contains a small boiler, a furnace or a heat pump. The fuel used at these systems is diesel, gas or a combination, allowing the students to get familiar with a variety of products. Also there are forced air systems for demonstration. The young engineers can get familiar with the latest enviromental legislation and measure the quality of the fumes, the fuel consumption, water supply and the temperature in every section of each system , with several measurement instruments. Several refrigerating units are available in the laboratoyr, so that  students can get familiar with these kind of systems and their usage in  industry. The laboratory is equipped with twoexperimental air conditioning devices which can be used to measure and analyse the impact of several parameters on comfort conditions. Finally specialized software and slides are used to familiarize student with the aims of mechanical engineers.