Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery


   Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery is the newest laboratory of the deparment of Mechanic Engineering, therefore is designed to educate the students at the most efficient way and hold up any research in applied science. 

 The Hydraylic laboratory of the Civil Infracture Engineering deparment is used on the training sessions by the young engineers as it holds a wide variety of measurment devices on fluids. It is provided on measuring the factor of fluids such as temperature, weight, viscosity, pressure, volume flow and the losses by friction in water supply network.

 The new laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery is supplied by devices for research and educational courses. 
These devices are used for measure : 

     1) the distribution of velocity in flow field,
     2) the survey of the resistance on objects at subsonic tunnel,  
     3) the survey of the performance of wind turbines
     4) all the factors that concerns the conversion in electric energy of the fumes by turbomachinery
     5) and finally the observation of the fumes flow field that produced from combustion of air or liquid fuels 

  As concerns the education of the students there are four simulation programs on PC ( compressor, axial fan, centrifugal pump, water turbine PELTON). The research equipment is mostly about the measurment of velocity and temperature by the method of hot wire. Also, the laboratory contains a variety of movies, slide and computer software on each section of water turbines, water pumps and turbomachineries.
    One of the plans of the laboratory is to install a system that measures the performance of the water pumps.