Laboratory for Machine Tools & Manufacturing Processes-Equipment

LMTMP facilities stretch over an area of 400 m2 inside the TEI of Thessaly Campus and include:

Automated high precision machines:

  • One 5-axis CNC Milling Machine (DMU50-Eco), ESPA Funded.
  • One Rapid Prototyping Machine (Eden 250, 3d printer), ESPA Funded.
  • One Vacuum Casting Machine for waxes and resins (UHG-690).

CNC Machine Tools:

  • One 2&1/2-Axis CNC Milling Machine (Vertical, BridgePort, TNC151 controller, 2Kw)
  • One 2-Axis CNC Turning Machine (Vertical, Cortini F100, Fanuc OT-0 Controler, 3.7 Kw)

Non automatic Machine Tools:

  • Many conventional and non conventional machine tools for educational purposes (Lathes, Milling machines, Drilling machines, EDM machines)


  • SolidWorks
  • EdgeCAM (Mill, Turn, EDM)
  • Inventor (Colaboration with Mechanical Design Lab)
  • AutoCAD (Colaboration with Mechanical Design Lab)
  • ANSYS (Educational)
  • Matlab (Colaboration with Heat Transfer Lab)
  • TP8 Thero-Pro (up to 2000 oC)
  • ANSA (Colaboration with Heat Transfer Lab)