Laboratory of Energy Systems - Equipment

1. Heat flow and Heat flow meter (HFM215)

     a.  Heat flow meter (HFM215)

     b.  Infrared thermo-camera (ThermoPro TP8)

     c.  Thermal conductivity measurement unit with steady state “box” method (Deltalab EI700C1)

     d.  Small building test-cell 


2. Computational resources

     a.  Computer cluster (16 processors)

     b.  CFD software

     c.  Meshing and visualization software

     d.  Code development tools


3. Engine testing

     a.  Hydraulic engine dynamometer

     b.  Several gasoline and diesel engines

     c.  Test vehicle


4. Environment & Emissions

     a.  Gas analyzers CO, HC, NOx

     b.  Μeasure and record airborne dust concentrations (DustTrak II Desktop model, TSI Model 8530)

     c.  Optical Particle Counter, TSI OPS 3330

     d.  Solar radiation measurement (Kipp & Zonen)


5. Experimental Fluid Mechanics 

     a.  TSI Stereo 3D-PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry, Nd:YAG laser 120 mJ.)

     b.  TSI 2D-LDV (Laser Doppler Velocimetry), Argon-lon Laser with 300 mW

     c.  Multi-variable thermal anemometer, TSI Velocicalc Plus

     d.  Ultrafine particle counter, TSI P-Trak

     e.  Conductimetry

      f.  Rheometer (MCR 301 by Anton Paarr)

     g.  Tensiometry: Bubble Pressure Analyser by Sinterface (BPA-1P) and Ring/Plate Tensiometer by Sinterface (STA-1)


6. Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning & 

     a.  Portable gas analyzer

     b.  Differential manometer

     c.  Gas leak detector 

     d.  Refrigeration liquids detector

     e.  Maximum-Minimum thermometer

      f.  Differential type K thermometer 

     g.  Infrared radiation thermometer 

     h.  Ηygrometer