Laboratory of Energy Systems - Research

 Research projects 

1. Archimedes II: Bioclimatic confort

2. Innovation Voucher: Generic code for automated 3d discretization of aftertreament devices

3. Archimedes II: Application of Image Processing of Light Sheet Images for the Design of Stirrer and water jets   

4. Construction of pilot system for on-site check of spray machinery. In the frame of research project LIFE 07 ENV/GR/000266 Ecopest of Benaki Phytopathological Institute 50% funded  by EU.

5. “Thessalytex: Joint venture for research and technological development in the field of textile industry”. Construction of prototype device inside the factory of BIOKARPET.

6. “Experimental Studies on the Physics and Technology of Polymer”, Drag-Reduction Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Microsystems Technology Office, Friction Drag Technologies DARPA Order No. K042/05/24, Issued by DARPA/CMO under Contract MDA972-01-C-0029

7. “Design of biomass furnace”, (GSRT)

8. “Prototype sea water desalination device using recompression of liquid air”

9. “Exergy and Economic Optimization of heat-cooling systems using heat pumps”, (GSRT)

10. «Multi-scale complex fluid flows and interfacial phenomena - 'MULTIFLOW'», funded in the frame of “Marie Curie: Initial Training Networks” of the European program “People” 

11. “Redesign of disc harrow for cost minimization”, Local agricultural machinery industry, (GSRT)

12. “Retrofitting of heavy oil and LPG burners with natural gas combustion in glassworks industry”,

13. “Redesign of plows produced by company TERRA”

14. “Redesign of furnace for optimized combustion efficiency for glassworks industry”, European Program VALOREN

15. “Perspectives of utilization of municipal waste in Larissa”, Technical Chamber of Greece

16. «100% RES Communities in Larissa and Tipperary», ALTENER II

Research Results/ Products 

1. Transient heat transfer simulation software

2. High-accuracy, non-invasive methodology for on-site estimation of insulation properties of wall

3. Analytical methodology for estimation of emissions from partially failed diesel particulate filters

4. Experimental measurement of spray liquid profile with optical visualization

5. Flow visualization methodology using fluorescence

6. Polymer Drag Reduction and Energy Save